Randy the Rowdy Reindeer


       It was a cold, windy morning at the North Pole. All the animals were snug in bed when suddenly they heard Randy shout, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! It’s time to play!”
       “Oh Randy, why do you have to be so rowdy?” asked Bob. “We need to rest up. Christmas Eve will be here soon.”
       “That’s why we have to get up. We need to play! Playing makes us strong and being strong will help us pull Santa’s sleigh,” Randy explained.
       “Why don’t you go play by yourself and let the rest of us sleep?” said Bob.
       “OK,” Randy said, and with a sigh, he went out in the cold morning all by himself. He ran and slid down the hills. He made an obstacle course which was a lot of fun but also helped him practice jumping. By lunch time he was worn out. But after lunch he was revived!
       “Come on! Come on! Come on!” shouted Randy. “It’s time to play!”
       “Oh Randy, why do you have to be so rowdy?” asked Sue. “We need to relax a little before we play. We just finished eating.”
       “OK,” said Randy, and he went out to play all by himself. After awhile, the other reindeer joined him in his games. They all had a lot of fun and were very tired by the end of the day. But the next morning they heard Randy shouting, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”
       “Oh Randy, why do you have to be so rowdy?” asked Fred.
Day after day, Randy tried to get the other reindeer to play with him. And everyday they made excuses. Randy had a good time playing by himself when finally the others decided to join him. But Randy also noticed he was growing bigger and stronger than everyone else.
Soon it was Christmas Eve! Santa needed to pick his head reindeer. Randy could hardly contain himself. “Pick me! Pick me! Pick me, Santa!” he said. “I’ve been playing and getting stronger everyday!”
       “I see that Randy. You are quite big and strong. I guess it pays to be rowdy!” Santa said.
       So, Randy the Rowdy Reindeer was chosen to be Santa’s head reindeer. He was bursting with pride!
       “Gee Randy, I wish I would have listened to you when you tried to wake us up,” said Bob. “Maybe I would have grown more, and maybe Santa would have picked me to be head reindeer.”
       “Yeah, me too,” said Sue.
       “Me too,” said Fred.
       “Well, next year you will have another chance. Being rowdy isn’t always a bad thing! I just have lots of energy to play and play. And you know, playing helps…”
       “Make us strong!” said Bob, Sue and Fred.

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