Organizing Your Closet in Under 30 Minutes

And Other Helpful Tips

As a frugal mom, I am always looking for ways to organize and simplify our life while staying on a budget. As I am sure many of us have vowed to become more organized this year, I look for projects that can give you great satisfaction in a small amount of time and with a limited budget.

One project that can easily be completed in no time and with little cost is organizing your closets. In fact, I believe this project can be done in thirty minutes with just a few easy steps! If you are limited on closet space, like me, or you simply like to organize your clothes by season, I have a few easy tips to help keep your closets organized and fresh!

Pull Your Clothes Out of the Closet

To begin organizing your closet, you really need to know what’s in it. Begin pulling all of the clothing out of the closet and eliminate any items that have not been worn in the last six months, clothing that no longer fits, clothing that is no longer in season or clothes that are no longer in style.

Organize Clothing by Color

Next, put your items back into the closet and organize it by color and then by type. For example, put all of the black clothing together and then organize it by style of shirt (knit, blazer, sweater, cardigan, etc.) This great advice was offered to me by my closest fashion confidant and Michiana Family Magazine Fashion Editor, Kathy Friend. Sorting these items by color makes it easier to find what you need quickly and allows you to discover what areas in the color scheme need a boost as well as what areas need some scaling back.
Repeat these steps above for your children’s closets, and I am sure you will notice a true difference how easy it is for everyone to get ready in the morning!

Store Your Out-of-Season Clothing

Storage depends truly on the size of your home and the space you can use to tuck away your out-of-season items. In our house, Rubbermaid totes are our clothing storage option, and I keep my personal (freshly washed) out-of-season items in the basement, while the kids have two bins going all of the time in each of their closets.
With my children, one bin of clothing that has clothes they are outgrowing is stored throughout the year and can be added to as items are outgrown. I have been lucky enough to have a “bin exchange” program with my best friend, and we trade bins of clothing with each other for our children. When a bin is filled, I pass it on to her in exchange for a bin of her clothing. With this exchange system, I can count on one hand the amount of items I have had to buy my daughter this year. It is great if you can work something like this out with a friend, and by keeping a bin on hand, it helps to keep your closets tidy and organized.
The other bin of clothing contains items they will soon be growing into, sometime in that next year. This bin helps serve as a reminder on how much or how little I really need to buy for the upcoming year or season. If you do a lot of thrift shopping, consignment shopping or hit the garage sales for your children’s clothing, an itemized list of clothes you have on hand and their sizing can help reduce the amount of duplicate purchases.

Implement a Free-For-All Drawer for Kids

With small children, maintaining organization in your house, let alone your closet, is practically impossible. I have learned over the years to choose our battles, but I never knew what battles were until I met my strong-willed and wildly independent little girl.
It’s because of her that I have developed the, “Free-For-All,” drawer. This nightstand is my daughter’s drawer that she can organize and do exactly what she pleases with it. Each day, we were battling about what she could or could not wear for school. Now we have compromised, and this drawer is filled with all of her favorite nightgowns and pajamas. At the end of the day, she can do whatever she wants and wear whatever she wants from this drawer, provided we are spending the day at home!
Make sure that if you have a drawer for your children that it is the lowest one or a safe one to access. When my daughter began climbing on a chair to grab her favorite nightgowns and toppled the drawers on herself, we knew that she needed a drawer she could access that held a few of her favorite.

Donate Often

Make donating to your local thrift store or shelter a part of your weekly routine, and just imagine how much space you can reclaim in your closet and home. I like to keep a bag or bin going all week long and add as I see items we no longer need or have outgrown that can be passed on to someone else. It is amazing how these little things really add up over the course of the week and how much simpler my life has become thanks to ridding myself of clutter. Make it a part of your routine just like paying the bills and caring for your home each week, and you will begin to see the power you have in transforming those cluttered corners and closets.
I hope these tips offer you a little motivation this year to get your closets organized! Each time I organize my closet, I find a new favorite shirt, and it serves to remind me how little I really do need to shop!

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