Craft: Egg Art

Who wants to get messy? I have the perfect project for you!

Step 1
Gather Supplies: Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Eggs, Bowl to Dump Egg Yolks, Bowl with Water, Tarps or Newspaper
Optional: Vinyl, Scissors or Digital Cutting Machine

Step 2

Crack Tops of Eggs and Dump Egg Yolks into the Bowl and Wash Eggshells

Step 3
Fill Eggshells with Paint

Step 4 (Optional Step)

Cut Shape out of Vinyl.
I used my digital cutting machine to create the bunny and cross. If you don’t have a digital cutting machine you can just trace a shape onto vinyl (available at a craft store) and then cut it out. Place it on a canvas and then paint over the shape with white paint to seal the edges of the vinyl.

Step 4

Throw Eggs onto the Canvas…This is the best part!

Step 5
Allow Paint to Dry and Then Peel off Vinyl

Step 6

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