The Hunter, the Bear and the Seventh Sister by B.I. Woolet

The Hunter, the Bear and the Seventh Sister, the first in the new World of Arcas trilogy by B.I. Woolet, follows a young man named Jackson into a fantastic kingdom filled with eternal beauty, invisible evil, a sassy tomboy princess and even a grumpy, talking bear. This fast-paced adventure story with a clever twist will have advanced middle school readers, older teens and adults all frantically turning the pages to find out whether or not the mysterious Gurges Ater is able to follow through on his nefarious plan to rule two worlds. 


Jackson is your average fantasy-loving teen, swashbuckling imaginary dragons in his after school hours, until a mysterious creature named Cygnus takes him into the kingdom of Arcas. On some level, we’d all like to be Jackson – the special kid who holds the key to saving worlds – but he’s not too keen on his role as potential hero. Mustering the kind of bravery that only a young person has, he travels through the mysterious kingdom, meets up with a motley group of other brave souls who offer to see him through his journey and even catches the eye of a smart, bold princess who can match his grit.


The Woolets have created a cast of characters who have a great story ahead of them as they untangle the web of intrigue that lies behind the menace of Gurges Ater. The astronomy that inspired and lies behind the characters is a special treat for readers interested in science. It’s especially rewarding to look up in the night sky and see your favorite characters, as you look forward to books two and three. In my case, I’ll be looking forward to autumn, the best time to view Andromeda (or Andi, to her friends).