Product Review: Bed Sheets

It’s possible I am a bed linen snob. I wash my sheets weekly, and every year when spring cleaning weekend rolls around, I go out and buy a new set of linens for the year. It shouldn’t be a big surprise at this point, but every year my brain explodes over the cost of simple sheets; upwards of $100 for 300ct sheets!

The price point on these just seems ridiculous, so last year I bypassed the usual department store and when straight to a big box store with lower prices to see what they offered. I found similar cotton sheets with the same thread count for $55.

Did I return for cheap ones this year, or did I go racing back for the expensive ones? Let’s discuss this further!

When opening the more expensive sheets, they have always felt soft and comfortable. The color is always vibrant, and I can always find them in several color options with “deep pockets.” The less expensive sheets I bought last year felt slightly thinner, but felt to be about the same softness, however, I was able to find them in white only with the “deep pockets.” Buying sheets with deep pockets is a necessity for my bed, because I have a pillow-top mattress. If you don’t have a pillow-top mattress you’ll have plenty of color options to choose from. Both sets of sheets fit the bed as expected.

Both sets of sheets were washed the same number of times in the same homemade laundry detergent. After three months the less expensive sheets were holding up as expected, but started to show signs of wear after six months. The expensive sheets usually show the similar signs of wear closer to the 10 month mark.

Recommendation: I know I am an odd breed when it comes to bed sheets. I have a friend who said she hasn’t bought new sheets in at least five years. I did ask her if I could see them, and they are very well worn, but they still do the job. By the end of the year, both sheets will show some signs of wear. The cheaper sheets had a more obvious appearance of wear than the expensive sheets.

Which did I buy this year?

I went back to the department store for the more expensive ones; primarily because I like the color choices better, and I think they continued to feel better against my skin than the cheaper sheets. You can save some money up front and buy the cheaper sheets if you don’t mind the earlier signs of wear and slightly rougher feel, which is probably unnoticeable. Both sheets will last longer than a year, particularly if you alternate between two or more sets. 

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