Writers’ Guidelines 2015


The Family Magazine, Sassy Magazine & BOOM Magazine

As a FAMILY publication, our mission is to provide relevant information that both serves and entertains Michiana families.  We look for writers who share our vision and demonstrate a fresh, engaging writing style, and have a keen sense of our readers’ interests.  Our writers appropriately research their selected topic to provide factual information using the highest journalistic standards and focus specifically on topics that matter to mothers in our local community.


The Family Magazine celebrates today's family and champions the women at its center.

Every page provides smart, practical solutions to help moms of young children (typically ten and under) to raise happy, healthy families.  With a particular emphasis on the concerns and issues faced by all mothers today, The Family Magazine fills a need as the only family-focused magazine in the four-county Michiana area and targets a mom with kids ages ten and under. Family Magazine delivers essential advice for tough parenting challenges; provides fun suggestions for family activities; offers healthy resources; and showcases projects to create a well-rounded family.  The Family Magazine helps moms look and feel their best by delivering the latest health, diet and fitness news, and beauty and fashion tips as well as parenting.



Sassy Magazine celebrates today’s career-driven woman and champions the quest for work, life and balance with integrity.  Sassy Magazine provides resources for women to live their best lives in the areas of health, wellness, business, style, home life and career. With a distribution focus on the four-county Michiana area, Sassy Magazine strives to give back to the community through charity-driven promotions and support. Sassy Magazine is focused on the career-driven Michiana businesswoman who does it all – with style! Topics include (but are not limited to) fashion, health, business, work-life balance, charity, relationships, finances and home décor.  The Sassy Magazine reader target is a working, professional woman between the ages of 25-54.



Boom Magazine celebrates today’s active baby boomer and champions their quest to live the best years of their lives.  It has a focus on active men and women between the ages of 51 and 74. We are looking for local authors that fall within this age range to write for this magazine in particular.  Main themes in Boom Magazine include (but are not limited to): travel, retirement, business, health, activities, giving back to the community, marriage/remarriage, grandkids, arts, gardening and other hobbies.


Local Experts

We ask writers to interview local experts who are authorities in their field.  To ensure we remain family–focused, every article should include a local family or parent voice.  We also publish profiles of outstanding families and family organizations, interviews with local family parenting experts, reviews of family books and relevant snapshots of local families.  We incorporate photography to accompany articles as well.  If you are interested in submitting a story or photograph, we ask that you examine our previous issues and familiarize yourself with the subject matter and tone of our magazines.


Inquiries and Proposals for Articles, Columns and Photography

We are happy to consider any story idea or photograph that reflects the values and mission of the magazine (see individual magazine descriptions at top). Please keep in mind that submissions are accepted on an individual basis, and consideration concerning appropriate articles is subject to the focus of the current issue, relevance to the publication and space available.


Submission Guidelines

Submissions will not be accepted without a query.  Simultaneous queries are okay.  We may not respond unless we wish to publish. Articles should be written in AP style and submitted electronically as Word documents to Jessy@MichianaFamilyMagazine.com.  Keep attachments to a minimum.  Also, please include your name, address, phone fax and email.  Do not cut and paste or type into the body of an email.  Submissions must be single-spaced, aligned left, with no indent at the beginning of paragraphs and a hard return at the end of paragraphs.  Remove all hyperlinks, bold, italics and underline and type in 12-point font.  No article will be accepted outside of these parameters.



Payment is based on writer experience.  We strongly encourage writers to write original, unpublished work. Payment will also include web rights.


Lead Time

We require that any inquiries concerning future article topics be submitted AT LEAST TWO MONTHS prior to the intended publication of the article.  We suggest writers examine our editorial calendar for information concerning the proposed focus of each month’s publication.  Please visit our website for more information.



The average story should range from 600-800 words.  If a writer is contracted to write a feature, the length can be upwards of 1000 words.


Head Shot and Bio

We always appreciate a personal touch, which is why we ask writers to include a head shot along with a 30-word bio to accompany their submission.  In the bio, please include your field of expertise or occupation, your connection with the area and something about your family.  We do not allow emails in the bio or personal contact information.

When submitting a head shot or any other photograph, please ensure that the picture is taken vertically and is of good professional quality.  All photos should be submitted as high-resolution .jpg files.



We rarely accept article submissions that have been printed in other publications, exceptions occasionally being articles that have been printed outside our market.  Therefore, an author’s work should be original as we do require market exclusivity.  Reprint payment is $15 including web rights.


Reprinting Articles on the Web

If The FAMILY Magazines publishes your submission, we also retain web rights.


Included Images

You may feel free to submit photos along with your article as long as they are in high resolution .jpg format.  Photos may or may not be used at the discretion of the graphic designer.


Editorial Discretion

All submissions are subject to editorial review and approval by The FAMILY Magazines and may be edited for grammar, content and length.


Research and References

All articles are held to the highest of standards.  Therefore, all submitted editorial content must be factual, unbiased and supported by expert opinions and research from multiple sources and references.  We also ask writers to provide a list of references used at the end of the article.

When it is appropriate to the content of the article, writers must make every effort to contact our advertisers to give a reference or quote when it pertains to their area of expertise.  Be sure to ask the editor for a list of appropriate references for a given article if you are unsure.  

When a writer cites information of more than a few lines, whether from online research or other articles and books, writers must not only attribute the information to the original author but must also receive permission from the original source to use the information.

Writers must also take care to accurately attribute information from an outside source within the actual text of the article.  When a writer takes any quote, statistic or idea from an outside source, he or she must make clear within the article itself where this information came from.  A list of references and/or links to websites should also be provided at the end of the article so the editor can easily locate the original source of the information.


Separation of Advertising and Editorial

Editorial will be handled directly by our editor.  The sales department has no influence or input over editorial and should not be addressed for any editorial requests or concerns.  Decisions regarding possible editorial content fall under the jurisdiction of the editor and publisher.  Therefore, editorial must be sent to the editor and not delivered through sales representatives or other third parties.  The editor does not control advertising content and the advertising department does not control or direct editorial.  *Please note: because advertising and editorial are completely independent from one another, we do not sell advertising packages that include space for editorial.


Articles From Businesses and Local Experts

Inquiries often come from local businesses that wish to write a feature article on their business or industry. We do not accept articles if the content is self-promoting for the business name.  This is considered advertising: therefore, space for this content must be approved by and purchased from the advertising department at The FAMILY Magazines.  It will be listed or noted as paid advertising, not as an editorial.


The Editor’s Source List

For businesses interested in being an expert source for future editorial, a form is available through our sales representatives. This form is used as a source list for the editor when planning future articles. If you are interested in filling out the form, simply ask our sales representatives or email Jessy@MichianaFamilyMagazine.com.


Tip-Driven Editorial

For professionals and experts wishing to write for the magazine, it is imperative that the content is not designed to promote one’s business.  That is why we ask experts to submit tip-driven articles aimed at providing helpful how-to advice in their area of specialization.  In other words, to ensure articles do not promote one’s business or services, articles should highlight a problem or issue and then provide readers with helpful steps and advice that can lead to practical solutions.


Special Advertising

Advertising presented in editorial format is clearly defined in the magazine as “SPECIAL ADVERTISING” and includes a special format, typeface, border and layout to differentiate it from the actual editorial pieces.


Please send your inquiry to:

Jessica Haviland

The FAMILY Magazines

P.O. Box 577

Granger, IN 46530


Phone: 574-354-2616

Fax: 574-217-4700


*The FAMILY Magazine has been a proud member of Parenting Media Association and adheres to the standards and mission set forth by that organization.

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