Kitchen Mommy Makeovers for Spring 2018

The Best Materials to Use for Kitchen Countertops–the market is full of many options when it comes to kitchen countertops. However, each kitchen countertop has its own pros and cons and therefore when shopping for a kitchen countertop surface, you need to carry out a thorough research on the most suitable for your kitchen. Tile Mart stores in Edmonton Here are a few tips on the various kitchen countertops materials.

Granite Counters –when there is nothing else to think of, granite tops the list of the material of choice for countertop. Granite gives the kitchen a feel of elegance. Granite’s use has become more widespread and this has seen its price go down. Whether your kitchen is a modest one or not, be sure that granite will give it the beauty it deserves.

The advantages of Granite areit is heat resistant, comes in wide variety of colors, is durable and has a permanent feel. Granites with new seals are almost maintenance free. The material is also ranked as the 2nd hardest material after diamonds and home buyers usually get high value from it. However, to get such high quality material means that you will have to spend a fortune as they are expensive. Granite needs proper installation and should be free from stress otherwise they will crack.

Engineered stone  –particles that make up engineering stone are 93% quartz. The stone is found in more color variety than granite and its surface is nonporous and resistant to scratches. Its maintenance is easy and does not require annual sealing. Some brands that make up engineering stone include; LG Viatera, Silestone, Cambria Quartz and DuPont Zodiaq. Engineered stone is however expensive.

Solid Surface – solid surface kitchen countertops are just solid as their name suggests and you can sand out any scratches. Companies such as Avonite, Swanstone and Corian can make for you solid countertops surfaces according to your specifications. Advantages of Solid Surfaces include; they are available in a rainbow colors and patterns, they are resistant to stain and are seamless. Their disadvantages include; they are susceptible to hot stains and pans that can damage the surface and can also be relatively pricey.

Ceramic tiles in Langley –This kitchen countertop surface is long lasting and it easy to clean. It is more affordable and makes up for a very good choice for an average home kitchen countertop. Its installation can be done in sections and thus it is good for those homeowners who are mostly resourceful. Ceramic tiles are resistant to hot pans, they are easily cleaned and they come in a wide variety of price, texture, color and design. Their disadvantage however is that they have uneven surface and tiles can easily crack or chip, the grout lines can easily be stained.

How To Project Manage Your Family The Right Way

The process of writing a creative brief template

Writing a brief template can seem a simple duty for one to do but it involves various stages in which one ought to pass through in order to come up with a good quality brief template. Based on the importance that the brief have on the project you must be patient enough to make sure that the processes are followed. order project management software for creatives online These processes helps in the effective coming up with a great brief for the project. This article therefore will delve in the processes that you ought to follow when coming up with the brief template.

Gather your team and get their views

A creative brief template is not your affair but the affair of every team member working on the project, therefore you need to get their views on the issue especially on the best ways in which the project objectives can be met in addition you need to seek the views of your clients as they are part of the team. You can do this by either taking the views of select experts on different fields or you can opt the whole team discussions. This is a very essential process as it helps in coming up with the contents of the brief.

Come up with clear objectives

In the discussions, you need to ask the clients what their objectives are and you can merge them with your own viewpoint on the objectives that needs to be pushed. The objectives are very essential as they determine the way the project work will be done in order to achieve them fully. Coming up with objectives before writing your brief is the easier way of ensuring that your brief covers the most important aspects of the project. The objectives help in making sure that the work done by each team member is in realization of the objectives that are set. When coming up with the objectives make sure that they are achievable and measurable. click here

Write the brief in a creative and captivating way

The main purpose of the creative brief template is communicating therefore the brief you write must be able to achieve this. You achieve this by writing in an interesting way that captures the attention of the audiences causing them to be inspired by the brief template Your team members need some inspiration you need to write your brief in an inspiring manner in order to achieve its purpose. Never write a dull brief template as it will not be interesting enough to sky up your team members.

Set the timeline

Every project has the time in which it is expected to complete, you need to set the timeline also for your project. Set the time that is applicable and achievable.

Why Saying No to After School Activities Can Be a Good Thing

When our oldest son turned three, I enrolled him in soccer. It was a disaster. He didn’t want to go. I thought that with two boys under the age of three and one on the way, it would be a great way for him to feel special and to expel some of his ridiculous energy. Then I felt guilty, so I enrolled his younger brother in swimming lessons. Then I thought that we should start them out in some kind of body movement class.

Fast forward to my oldest son turning seven years old. Now, we have four children and each evening of the week was spoken for. Sports, music, dance. Our home calendar had more red marks then my English papers in high school.

I was starting to use outside sources to transport my own children. Free outside sources, otherwise known as “Grandparents.” We would have logistic meetings on Sunday nights. Pick up here; drop off here, etc. etc.

At one point I decided to enroll my sons in tap dance class. Did I ask them if they wanted to be the only boys in the entire dance school? No. But being their mother, I knew best. By the time we left rehearsal it was 7:45 at night. Dinner had been eaten in the car.  I peered into the dance class and my sons looked like extras from the Thriller video. Dancing zombies. They were exhausted and I was too. My husband and I became resentful towards each other, when we actually saw each other which was rare.

It was then that we decided that we were not going to adapt to our children’s lives, they were going to adapt to ours. That isn’t a decision that we made lightly.  We thought about it. My reasoning behind signing my boys up for things was to make them well rounded. It is a good intention, but at what cost?

I understand that if my sons want to get a place on Varsity when they are in high school, they are going to be competing with kids that have been playing that sport five days a week, 12 months a year since they were four years old. If it’s not for fun, what is it for? The chance of any of the varsity players actually becoming collegiate athletes is slim. The chance of any of those collegiate athletes becoming professional athletes is even slimmer. After speaking to my friends, I often wonder why parents create this pressure on themselves and more importantly their kids.  Would it be so bad if your child just didn’t play a sport?

So we just stopped and have not looked back.

Most nights we are home, together. Being a working mother means I am with my kids for about four waking hours a day, maybe five hours if they go to bed late. If I add an activity after school, that time can be decreased to an hour which does not include weekend games. If they are on a travel team I might as well kiss our family time goodbye.

But even if take me out of the equation, I couldn’t help but notice how stressed the boys were. They complained about going places and often asked to just stay home.  At first I was worried that they would be inactive. With childhood obesity becoming more and more of an epidemic I worried they wouldn’t be getting enough physical exercise. We don’t have junk food in the house, and they are still extremely active by nature.  As of today they are all lean machines. So I quickly put that worry to rest.

When I was a kid I had two jobs. Go to school and play with my friends. I didn’t worry about anything. That was a grown ups job.

I see nothing wrong with adjusting our families schedule to accommodate pleasurable after school activities. I enjoyed soccer as a child and continue to play as an adult. I loved it as a kid and was never forced to do it. Yes, I played in college but I wasn’t recruited to be on team USA. That doesn’t make the time I spent with my various coaches and teammates any less fruitful, it just means that I did it for fun and didn’t have pressure beyond that.

For this brief moment, I recognize that we are in the “glory days,” the time we will look back on with nostalgia when we get older. As long as my boys prefer to be under one roof, I will not force them out. There should be the one time in my children’s life that the weight of the world has not rested on their shoulders. I choose this to be that time.