How To Alleviate Food Sensitivity With The Elimination Diet

The fear of the unknown is cause for alarm to many. You have been showing symptoms that will not leave. The numerous visits to the pharmacy only make you tired but yield no results. Finally the doctor suggests you get tested. It could be a case of food sensitivity.

Food Sensitivity is hard to diagnose. It has delayed response. This means the symptoms don’t manifest until later, sometimes it can take up to 72 hours.

Depending on which area the antibodies attack, food sensitivity displays a wide range of symptoms. There are common signs that your body is reacting to the food you are eating. These are:

  • Fatigue
  • Having difficulties in concentrating
  • Pain in the joints
  • Painful bloated stomach
  • Constipation and Diarrhea
  • Weight gain

The best way to be rid of these symptoms is to take on the elimination diet. In this method you eliminate certain foods from your diet. You bring them back gradually and note how your body reacts.

Step By Step on How to Go About the Elimination Diet

  • Do away with the toxic foods such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine from your diet. These toxic are not to be re-introduced back to the diet.
  • Remove the inflammatory foods such as

    eggs, potatoes, and pepper from your diet. You can re-introduce the inflammatory foods after two weeks.

How to go about re-introducing the foods

  • When two weeks are over, slowly begin to bring back the inflammatory food test company one by one. This will help you test the body’s response to each food.
  • You will then need to eat that particular food three times a day for three days. The results will be clean and reliable.
  • Make sure you make a note of how each food made you feel. Was there a reaction to the particular food or not?
  • If you react to any of the food, remove it again. Return to the program guidelines until such a time that there are no more symptoms.
  • Going through this process will help you be sure what you don’t need to eat.  You can now add the safe foods upon completion of the re-introduction.

Another method you can use to check what could be the problem is to have a blood test. With the blood test you are able to get as much information concerning what is happening in your body. The disadvantage is that it is not 100% proven to be accurate.

It can be challenging if you discover you have food sensitivity and you have no idea what to do. Regular visits to the doctor will ease off some pressure. You will be guided on what best works for you.

Cons Of Industrial Waste Recycling

Recycling entails processing and using the industrial waste materials. Though there are many benefits associated with recycling, the process has various disadvantages a s well. This article explores some of the cons of industrial recycling as described below.

  • More pollution and energy consumption

Recycling huge amount of garbage will require the amount to be ferried, sorted, and processed at different plants. These plants also require energy to be operated. The recycled material may also produce other by-products that can also pollute air, water and soil. Air pollution can also occur as a result of using more vehicles to transport the recycled materials.

  • Increased processing cost and low-quality jobs

Recycling cost is very high compared to the cost of putting up landfills. This is the reason why most industries consider it as being cost inefficient. The process of recycling materials requires a lot of labour. This means huge amount will be spent by industries in employing many people to recycle their materials. Companies are likely to evaluate whether recycling makes sense as compared to other kinds of industrial waste disposal like landfills and burning.

  • Require strict rules and regulations

Recycling can pose as a major environmental hazard if the materials are not handled properly. This is because if toxic waste is not properly handled it causes, air soil and water pollution. This is the reason why industries must be follow very strict guidelines to handle toxic waste when they stop using landfills. It is also more riskier to have dumps of toxic waste lying near your industrial plant awaiting recycling.

  • No guarantee of good products

It is important to note that some recycled materials are more harmful than the original one. For example, recycled paper uses bleach that is very harmful to your health.

  • Ineffective– recycling can cause more pollution, consume a lot of energy and may generally prove to be cost-ineffective.
  • Requires space– there must be space where waste industrial materials are received, and sorted. The industry might not have enough space and may be forced to use contractors. This means added cost to your business compared to landfills where you just bury your waste.
  • Recycling costs– using a contractor to collect waste for the purpose of recycling means an added cost to your firm. This does not make sense when you can use other cost-effective method like landfills.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that if you look at recycling from the point of view of the business, it is not cost effective and efficient as compared to waste disposal methods like landfills. For a firm whose main reason is to make profit, recycling may not be the best method.


Selecting the Best Home Junk Pick Up Service

What you need to know about waste and how to recycle products from home:

Waste is all around us. Waste is created through natural resources, products manufactured and man-made waste. Each home, including yours, generates a great deal of waste. Waste can be toxic or environmentally friendly. Toxic waste cannot be disposed of without following special handling methods for its disposal. It costs you money to produce waste and to dispose of it. You can help to improve the home you live in by living smartly. You can reduce on the waste you throw away. You cannot avoid producing waste in your lifestyle. Having a plan to reduce waste and recycle products from home can offer good benefits at the end of the day. Otherwise, there are also environmental methods of waste disposal

It is critical to follow a plan. What you don’t know is that waste is merely items that you need to discard. You need to consider the size of the products you need to recycle. Imagine recycling a ship? That’s quite a challenge. Around the world, there are conventional methods for waste management. They include composting, landfill and recycling. There are lots of services offering junk pick up

Here are some tips on how you can recycle products from home:

• Create toys 
You can create toys like race cars or trucks easily from cereal or milk boxes. Cut holes on some ends and place a stick in it. On the ends of the stick, use plastic bottle tops to create the wheels. Tie the end with a string to allow your child to move around with it.

• Glass jars
After use, clean them thoroughly. If possible just disinfectant. Use them to store buttons, keys, coins, needles or spices. The choice is up to you.

• Food waste
Dig a hole in your backyard and fill it up with food waste. Cover with soil. Allow it to compost. Once ready it can be used as manure. Make sure you check on it regularly to confirm that the composting process is occurring. Make sure that wild animals are not attracted to it.

• Plastic bottles
There are many ways you can use plastic bottles in your home. They can be used to store water, trap excess water from a cistern and plant flowers. 

• Plastic bags
There are numerous ways you can use plastic bags in your home. You can place them in your plastic bin, utilize them to store seeds or cover leaking spots in your home.

• Keys and metals
They can be used to design beautiful home-made jewellery. You can even donate them to craftsmen who can create artisan jewellery like earrings or chains for you.

You can also reduce waste by simply buying long-lasting and durable products. Have fun while you reduce the waste in your house and recycle products from home. Check out junk removal Surrey for all sorts of options.


Understanding The Details Of Private School Tuitions in Vancouver

There are some top features that you mustn?t compromise on when it comes to finding the best private school for your child. When you are searching for private schools, it means you have really given a thought to the kind of education you want your child to receive. Private schools are loved because the child receives individualized attention from the teacher. This means that your child?s weakness in any area is identified early enough and the necessary action to improve put in place. Private schools are very different in the way that they run the schools to how your child will be receiving their education but the features remain the same.

The top features to look out for are listed as:

?    A small individualized classroom

We all know that the size of the classroom versus the teacher plays a big role when it comes to your child?s performance being excellent. Private schools take this matter seriously and you will find that a class has between eight to twenty five students to a teacher. This means the teacher has enough time to work with each student in their work and identify where improvement needs to be done.

The individualized attention is also very good as the student gets to feel their children care about their qualifications and achievement, and that they are not being handled as one group. Participation of all the students is crucial and no student is able to just coast through. You must see to it that the private school of your choice has a small class as one of its top features.

?    Teachers who are highly qualified and trained

Unlike teachers who are found in government schools, private school teachers are very qualified in the subject they are teaching and have specialized experience in the same. You will find them with a first degree on the subject they teach as well as a masters or a higher level degree on the same. This means that they are masters in the subject they are teaching which makes it very easy for them to teach students.

The experience they have in teaching the subject means that they know all the challenges students face and have been able to handle them before. With experience, their teaching methods get better which means that your child is guaranteed to pass on the subject. Make sure to have a look at the faculty of the private school that interests you.

?    Community development

Private schools emphasize community development in that your child becomes involved in the activities and culture of the school. This makes it so that they are able to feel like they belong somewhere which fosters goodwill. A sense of being in a community is very important when building up social and civic values in a child.

It is very easy to sense if a has managed to build a community within its walls and it can be seen in the way the students and teachers interact when they are out of the school or when they have other visiting schools and especially during game times.

?    Broad sports programs

Sports programs are a part of the curriculum of any good UBC school as they aren?t controlled by whims of the schools budget. Your child will be expected to take part in a sporting activity of their choice and they do so with their teachers.

When the sporting time comes, you will find teachers and students interacting together in the field. As the sports are wide, your child isn?t limited in what game they can take part in. the involvement of teachers sees to it that their interaction isn?t education based alone but that trust and openness is forged even outside the classroom.

?    Extracurricular activities

There are very many extracurricular activities that your child can take part in when they join a private school. They could be part of a sporting team e.g. the lacrosse team or they could be part of the art club. The teachers in private schools direct the extracurricular activities which further foster the relationship they have with the student. This makes it very easy for the student to identify with a teacher in class and outside the classroom.





Mortgage Brokers In Toronto

What are the benefits of paying off your home mortgage?

In the current economy, many people are having a real struggle when it comes to keeping up with their mortgages every single month. Many people are doing everything that they can and going up and down so as to make sure that they pay monthly and on time so as to avoid a foreclosure. For Mortgage Brokers Association many people, been able to pay off their home mortgages is not only something that they want, but it is a dream that they are always focusing on. Many benefits come with paying off your home mortgage loan one of them being that it is going to have a positive impact on your entire finances.

  • You will be more flexible with your monthly budget

Once you are able to pay off your mortgages, you are going to have the money to add other things to your monthly budget. If before you paid off your mortgage, you were having a real struggle when it came to paying, then once you clear your mortgage you will now be able to redistribute your money accordingly. The money can now go to your household expenses, your utility bills or any other expense that you may have, and you are also going to be able to keep your entire family afloat.

  • You will be able to have long-term financial security

mortgage brokers Toronto in Toronto called Sherwood Mortgage Group One of the main benefits that come with paying off your mortgage loan is the fact that you are going to be able to enjoy financial security over a long period of time. Without the monthly burden of having to pay for your mortgage loan, you will now start enjoying the long-term financial freedom. If you can now be able to save up the money that you used to spend on your home mortgage loan, then you can be sure that you are going to have a solid nest once you go on retirement.

  • You will be protected against the unstable housing market

One of the major concerns that many people tend to have is whether or not they are going to be able to keep up with the paying of their home mortgages in an unstable housing market. One of the major benefits that a homeowner who has paid off their home mortgage loan is going to benefit from is the fact that they are going to be protected against losing their home as a result of financial insecurity. Financial insecurity is usually brought about by a rough economy which may end up affecting a lot of people.

  • Paying early reduces the interest amount that you will have to pay

The longer you take to pay your mortgage interest, the higher the amount and vice versa.

Document capture management by CC Scan

 How cloud-scanning software works

The cloud scanning software has edged its name as one of the best scanning software win the world thus making it become a household name in the scanning world. This can be attributed to its effectiveness in the scanning capabilities that it enjoys. The developers of the cloud scanning software has produced document capture management by CC Scan made it a very easy software to use which adds to the quality of scanning thus its gaining popularity. Therefore, in case you want a scanning option for your business or personal use, you need to look no further than the cloud scanning software. Its developers have designed the software distinctly from the other scanning software’s making it effective and unique in its work. This article therefore will outline how the cloud scanning software works in its quest of fulfilling its functions. They include:


The Google Cloud scanning software have been developed in a way that the software can be used to network many computers at thus making it very easy for everyone in the office of business carry out the scanning work in his or her desk using only one software in one computer. This in turn saves a great deal of resources as you don’t have to install the software to all the computers in the business, in addition the networking feature helps to avoid jam at work especially when many people want to scan documents which can derail the productivity of the business or work.

No drivers required

Once you have downloaded the software you only need to download the sheared server so that the networking feature can work. The software doesn’t require additional drivers like the other software’s so that it can run and perform its functions, this is very important in that it saves you a great amount of cash which you would have used in buying the drivers and installing them. The cloud scanning software is straightforward and simple as it is. Which adds to the reasons why people around the world p-refer it.

Interactive interface

While you are spending your time in front of the computer and a software, nothing can be more boring than that especially when the software is very hard to operate. The developers of the cloud scanning software has discovered this and have improved the cloud scanning software interface. The interface is very easy to operate in that it follows simple steps and instructions, which ease your work and you, do not have to spend your time figuring how to operate it. In addition, the interface is interesting and interactive making it less boring and thus you can spend more time in the cloud scanning software. These features therefore saves you a great amount of time which you would have used in learning the app and its simplicity helps the software to be enjoyable to use.  

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Langley Dentist Saves Local Mom

Services offered by family dentist today

A dentist refers to an individual personnel who has got the ability to treat various problems associated with human beings’ teeth. Such an individual should always undergoes various training which helps in gaining a wide range of skill to detect and solve the problems. Selecting a family dentist is not a simple task therefore since it requires a lot of consideration. One is a dentist should have good communication skill, proper means of handling customers and high level of education and skills. The following list below shows some of the majors services that many people get by consulting family dentist today.

Cleaning of teeth. It is always the duty of the Orthodontia dentist to clean the patients’ teeth especially for people who have such problems. The defect can be caused due to factors like taking salt waters, some are affected by various teeth decaying effects. Due to such cases, an individual can decide to make a medical treatment in order to keep the teeth clean and white. Such cases can always e handled by a dentist who has relevant skills and abilities.

Teeth removal. Some conditions are too severe to treat and therefore can lead to the need for a teeth removal. For instance, people who have decayed teeth to an extent that it cannot be filled or washed will end up having them removed. This is the duty of the dentist. The expert will ensure that there is use of the right medicine that can also help in preventing other teeth from infections. Hence, quite necessary to seek the attention of these professional.

Filling of the teeth. This is another service that is usually carried out by family dentist. The problem can be fixed to teeth that are not very highly affected so as to sustain their length of stay. This is a more better way of treatments Langley address for Kesteven Dental though it requires a series of checks before the condition is settled. Depending on the individual choice, it is also easy to give a comment of what one should expect before listening to the views of the dentist.

Advice on what to undertake to ensure good maintenance of the teeth. Dentist ensure that they take they time to give relevant guidelines to patients on what measure to follow to keep the teeth strong and firm. This a good way of communicating since it allows for a dialogues between the two party thus gaining of relevant knowledge towards taking care of the teeth. It is necessary to always consider the help of a dentist when it comes to such cases since they will ensure that they give out the very best as it is expected by the clients. The experts will also make sure they give out their best hence keeping the individual strong at all times.   

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Insurance Issues In Singapore

Shopping for cheap Auto insurance – many car owners usually spend huge sums of money and miss out on chances of getting a good deal on auto insurance Owing to the rapid growth of auto insurance, it is important that you analyze whether you will benefit from the offered deal. You just need to have the understanding that active auto insurance will make you able to get compensation for damages or the car’s total cost in the event of a car-wrecking accident. This therefore makes it a must to own auto insurance. However, the quality of the plan is something you need not to compromise on.

Here are some beneficial tips to help you settle on the best auto insurance plan.

While choosing auto insurance, try to play smart – you can land the best deals by just playing smart. First you need to analyze your Insurance cost needs since it may just end up as a waste of time if you don’t understand your requirements. You may as well end up with an insurance that does not meet your needs.

Secondly, if you think that getting a cheap deal is enough, then you are definitely mistaken. Sometimes your needs may even not be satisfied by this cheap deal you are purchasing in the name of saving some money. There are other things that need to be considered besides the insurance premium and they include: 24×7 customer service, renewal process and claim settlement among others. Choosing optimum right car insurance for you auto insurance is therefore equally important as selecting a company that offers complete insurance services. 

Your motive shouldn’t be to get cheap auto insurance – it is very deadly to take cheap auto insurance as a savior, but this is a mistake that most of us mostly do.  It may even sometimes cost you extra money to insure yourself. A good auto insurance deal is one that covers all your insurance requirements as per your budget. This will basically enable you to land some of the best auto insurance policies available in the market.

It is important to check the financial status of the insurer – your attention should definitely be drawn to this most important factor. Try and compile a list of various insurance plans as you look for auto insurance. Inquire about the company’s financial status, their customer service and their claim settlement ratio. This will enable you take a more informed decision about auto insurance.

Claim settlement ratio in this regard is a very important aspect that every insurer seeker should not ignore. It is just basically the number of claims settled by an insurer against the total number of registered claims. A company that has a higher claim ratio is definitely better placed to smoothly tackle a claim.

English Courses In Singapore Reviewed

The Reasons for Language Schools Today

many people have desired to have a know-how of different English Express Courses languages in the current world. This is because; a lot can be achieved with the wide knowledge of foreign languages. Interaction and various discussion on business matter can be carried out effectively. Besides these, there are more reason as to why there has the introduction of language schools today. some of these major benefits includes the following.

Analyzing skills improve when people have different languages One has ability to have a wide knowledge on the various cultures and importance of their being. Due to this knowledge, one can participate in various activities involving local and international discussion.

Easy running of business issues with different people from different countries. People who have skill in various language come together for business purposes. They hold several discussion concerning different business protocols. This helps many individuals to have wide skills in running various business hence their success.

Languages improve personal profile. The dream of many people is to work outside their country. Many international employers look for people who are well-conversant with wide knowledge EIS The reason is that dealing with people is quite easy sine one can understand their languages. Also. The communication skills of an individual are improved. Thus, there is ability to deal with all kinds of people through better approach towards their demand.

Value in the market place. Having a variety of option has a lot on the market. One is capable of handling different categories of tasks with the help of the knowledge. Interpreting of essential life situation can be taken in different perspectives thus coming up with a better solution towards a challenge. This is not so to people who have the knowledge of one particular knowledge.

Creativity is increased. Foreign languages help in improving individual’s creativity. For example, the development of arts and design work can be improved through getting the basics of the various cultures and language of different ethnic groups. However, many people who are in the field of music have when in a position to know different languages. The reason being that they can produce different songs of same kind and meaning in several languages hence get income at the end.

Understanding of own culture is improved. Foreign languages are more on the cultures and the ways of peoples living. Learning to understand another people language will also give one a chance to know of their culture. This can have an impact on one’s own language by driving the individual to dig more on own traditions. As, a result, one is termed to be a true responsible citizen in the country and the world at large. Language schools have therefore improved a lot in the society and in the whole world. People should be encouraged to have these opportunities to improve their living standards.

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Kitchen Mommy Makeovers for Spring 2018

The Best Materials to Use for Kitchen Countertops–the market is full of many options when it comes to kitchen countertops. However, each kitchen countertop has its own pros and cons and therefore when shopping for a kitchen countertop surface, you need to carry out a thorough research on the most suitable for your kitchen. Tile Mart stores in Edmonton Here are a few tips on the various kitchen countertops materials.

Granite Counters –when there is nothing else to think of, granite tops the list of the material of choice for countertop. Granite gives the kitchen a feel of elegance. Granite’s use has become more widespread and this has seen its price go down. Whether your kitchen is a modest one or not, be sure that granite will give it the beauty it deserves.

The advantages of Granite areit is heat resistant, comes in wide variety of colors, is durable and has a permanent feel. Granites with new seals are almost maintenance free. The material is also ranked as the 2nd hardest material after diamonds and home buyers usually get high value from it. However, to get such high quality material means that you will have to spend a fortune as they are expensive. Granite needs proper installation and should be free from stress otherwise they will crack.

Engineered stone  –particles that make up engineering stone are 93% quartz. The stone is found in more color variety than granite and its surface is nonporous and resistant to scratches. Its maintenance is easy and does not require annual sealing. Some brands that make up engineering stone include; LG Viatera, Silestone, Cambria Quartz and DuPont Zodiaq. Engineered stone is however expensive.

Solid Surface – solid surface kitchen countertops are just solid as their name suggests and you can sand out any scratches. Companies such as Avonite, Swanstone and Corian can make for you solid countertops surfaces according to your specifications. Advantages of Solid Surfaces include; they are available in a rainbow colors and patterns, they are resistant to stain and are seamless. Their disadvantages include; they are susceptible to hot stains and pans that can damage the surface and can also be relatively pricey.

Ceramic tiles in Langley –This kitchen countertop surface is long lasting and it easy to clean. It is more affordable and makes up for a very good choice for an average home kitchen countertop. Its installation can be done in sections and thus it is good for those homeowners who are mostly resourceful. Ceramic tiles are resistant to hot pans, they are easily cleaned and they come in a wide variety of price, texture, color and design. Their disadvantage however is that they have uneven surface and tiles can easily crack or chip, the grout lines can easily be stained.

How To Project Manage Your Family The Right Way

The process of writing a creative brief template

Writing a brief template can seem a simple duty for one to do but it involves various stages in which one ought to pass through in order to come up with a good quality brief template. Based on the importance that the brief have on the project you must be patient enough to make sure that the processes are followed. order project management software for creatives online These processes helps in the effective coming up with a great brief for the project. This article therefore will delve in the processes that you ought to follow when coming up with the brief template.

Gather your team and get their views

A creative brief template is not your affair but the affair of every team member working on the project, therefore you need to get their views on the issue especially on the best ways in which the project objectives can be met in addition you need to seek the views of your clients as they are part of the team. You can do this by either taking the views of select experts on different fields or you can opt the whole team discussions. This is a very essential process as it helps in coming up with the contents of the brief.

Come up with clear objectives

In the discussions, you need to ask the clients what their objectives are and you can merge them with your own viewpoint on the objectives that needs to be pushed. The objectives are very essential as they determine the way the project work will be done in order to achieve them fully. Coming up with objectives before writing your brief is the easier way of ensuring that your brief covers the most important aspects of the project. The objectives help in making sure that the work done by each team member is in realization of the objectives that are set. When coming up with the objectives make sure that they are achievable and measurable. click here

Write the brief in a creative and captivating way

The main purpose of the creative brief template is communicating therefore the brief you write must be able to achieve this. You achieve this by writing in an interesting way that captures the attention of the audiences causing them to be inspired by the brief template Your team members need some inspiration you need to write your brief in an inspiring manner in order to achieve its purpose. Never write a dull brief template as it will not be interesting enough to sky up your team members.

Set the timeline

Every project has the time in which it is expected to complete, you need to set the timeline also for your project. Set the time that is applicable and achievable.

Children’s Book Review: Treehouse Treasury by Laura Sidsworth

One of the fun things about having a blog is doing product reviews! People send me things, and I get to write about how well I like the things! I have never had a product to review that I didn’t like, and this book is no exception.

Several months ago I was given a copy of this wonderful book to review called Treehouse Treasury, by Laura Sidsworth. It is a unique compilation of poems that takes the reader through the seasons of the year. My children and I absolutely adore the poetry as well as the beautifully painted illustrations, by Joni Anttila.

My favorite thing about this particular book is how it is different from many children’s books. Rather than being a start-to-finish story, each poem stands alone as a separate work, and yet they tie together in a general theme. I appreciate being able to expose my children to a different style of writing, that is still enjoyable to read as well as beautiful to look at.

It is definitely getting to be the time to shop for the holidays. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a gift for a special child in your life. It is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook on iTunes. You can find the Treehouse Treasure website here; facebook page here; and purchase on Amazon here.

Why Saying No to After School Activities Can Be a Good Thing

When our oldest son turned three, I enrolled him in soccer. It was a disaster. He didn’t want to go. I thought that with two boys under the age of three and one on the way, it would be a great way for him to feel special and to expel some of his ridiculous energy. Then I felt guilty, so I enrolled his younger brother in swimming lessons. Then I thought that we should start them out in some kind of body movement class.

Fast forward to my oldest son turning seven years old. Now, we have four children and each evening of the week was spoken for. Sports, music, dance. Our home calendar had more red marks then my English papers in high school.

I was starting to use outside sources to transport my own children. Free outside sources, otherwise known as “Grandparents.” We would have logistic meetings on Sunday nights. Pick up here; drop off here, etc. etc.

At one point I decided to enroll my sons in tap dance class. Did I ask them if they wanted to be the only boys in the entire dance school? No. But being their mother, I knew best. By the time we left rehearsal it was 7:45 at night. Dinner had been eaten in the car.  I peered into the dance class and my sons looked like extras from the Thriller video. Dancing zombies. They were exhausted and I was too. My husband and I became resentful towards each other, when we actually saw each other which was rare.

It was then that we decided that we were not going to adapt to our children’s lives, they were going to adapt to ours. That isn’t a decision that we made lightly.  We thought about it. My reasoning behind signing my boys up for things was to make them well rounded. It is a good intention, but at what cost?

I understand that if my sons want to get a place on Varsity when they are in high school, they are going to be competing with kids that have been playing that sport five days a week, 12 months a year since they were four years old. If it’s not for fun, what is it for? The chance of any of the varsity players actually becoming collegiate athletes is slim. The chance of any of those collegiate athletes becoming professional athletes is even slimmer. After speaking to my friends, I often wonder why parents create this pressure on themselves and more importantly their kids.  Would it be so bad if your child just didn’t play a sport?

So we just stopped and have not looked back.

Most nights we are home, together. Being a working mother means I am with my kids for about four waking hours a day, maybe five hours if they go to bed late. If I add an activity after school, that time can be decreased to an hour which does not include weekend games. If they are on a travel team I might as well kiss our family time goodbye.

But even if take me out of the equation, I couldn’t help but notice how stressed the boys were. They complained about going places and often asked to just stay home.  At first I was worried that they would be inactive. With childhood obesity becoming more and more of an epidemic I worried they wouldn’t be getting enough physical exercise. We don’t have junk food in the house, and they are still extremely active by nature.  As of today they are all lean machines. So I quickly put that worry to rest.

When I was a kid I had two jobs. Go to school and play with my friends. I didn’t worry about anything. That was a grown ups job.

I see nothing wrong with adjusting our families schedule to accommodate pleasurable after school activities. I enjoyed soccer as a child and continue to play as an adult. I loved it as a kid and was never forced to do it. Yes, I played in college but I wasn’t recruited to be on team USA. That doesn’t make the time I spent with my various coaches and teammates any less fruitful, it just means that I did it for fun and didn’t have pressure beyond that.

For this brief moment, I recognize that we are in the “glory days,” the time we will look back on with nostalgia when we get older. As long as my boys prefer to be under one roof, I will not force them out. There should be the one time in my children’s life that the weight of the world has not rested on their shoulders. I choose this to be that time.