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Are Sonic onion rings real?

Are Sonic onion rings real?

Best Fast Food Onion Rings, Ranked - ThrillistApr 20, 2021 — For some reason, onion rings are an often-overlooked side at fast food restaurants, so we made great effort to sample them all and determine 

Does Sonic have onion rings? Mar 23, 2020 — Heck, even the frozen varieties have milk in them so finding that Sonic's onion rings are vegan is a real win. Pair these fried circles of 15 Things I Learned From Touring Sonic's HeadquartersJun 21, 2018 — The roots of Sonic go back to the early 1950s after founder Troy Smith Meanwhile, if it tastes like Sonic's onion rings have a hint of 

Fast Food Onion Ring Roundup: Burger King vs. Hardee's vs There's a lot to like about Sonic, but I'm not sure the onion rings should no national fast-food giant could get away with actually using real beer in a 

Sonic onion rings. is this nationwide or just my sadness in Aug 18, 2011 — Nice. Very polite and was well tipped. Was looking forward to hot, cripsy onion rings. OMG. They are sweet. Like sugar in the batter 11 answers  ·  To be fair to Sonic (who I still love despite the gross onion rings) I did get two email responses Hand Made Onion Rings - Order Online | Sonic Drive-InOur Onion Rings are made with freshly cut onions, hand battered, and fried to a crispy, golden brown! Condiments. Signature Sauce Packet. 0.

Onion Ring Recipe from Sonic Drive-InHow To Make Original Sonic Onion Ring · 12 oz ice cream, melted · 2 cups flour, sifted · 2 lbs Spanish onions, sliced into ½ inch rings and Rating: 4 · 3 votes · 30 minReview: Sonic - Onion Rings | Brand EatingAug 10, 2010 — Sonic's Onion Rings are hand-breaded and deep-fried which means they're made completely in house and are advertised as "made fresh daily.

The Secret Ingredient Sonic Uses In Its Onion Rings - MashedDec 4, 2020 — According to an former Sonic employee, they spruce up their onion rings with a bit of vanilla ice cream. Surprising, eh? The former Sonic Let's talk onion rings. Good/bad, etc : r/fastfood - RedditOct 4, 2017 — I really prefer onion rings that use whole, real onions inside and have a Sonic rings have a very sugary taste to them, like cake batter 

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